I was doing some rough mixes of the new album last week.  Just to take stock of what I still need to do, you understand. 

I have all the acoustic guitar and harmonica parts down good.  Thor’s bass is done too. I had done all the lead vocals, but on listening back I needed to redo a couple of songs for one reason or another…. They have to be right, since they’re the most important element of a song! 

One such song was Reflected on the Water, where I thought about some lyrical adjustments that needed to be addressed.  The other song, My Father Lies, I felt needed to improve in the melody and feel of the vocal – I’ve come up with a better version now.  I got those down this week.  Those 2 songs are for the EP, rather than the album, but I’m working on them all at the same time.

I have a track list for the album here –

  1. Strange Sounds from the Wreckage
  2. The Hopping List
  3. Beneath the Copper Beech
  4. Clear Crystal View
  5. It’s Your Fault
  6. A Form of Air
  7. Tumble Down the Wind
  8. A Message to Grow
  9. Daylight Tonight

The EP is looking like this –

  1. Reflected on the Water
  2. Suspended in Yesterday
  3. My Father Lies
  4. No-One Will See Me

That’s what I have planned.  The track lists might change over time, but I feel those are right at the moment. 

So there we have it – the bones of the record are in place, and we just need the percussion and some extra production arrangements; more on some tracks than others.  Still quite a long way to go yet,  but moving along consistently, week by week.