New Projects

Projects on the go! It’s been a busy old time at Shemboid Productions central, this last week or so.  I’ve set in motion a lot of work for me to do on new projects over the next month or so.  Some video projects, interviews, a new regular podcast, as well as the new album recording. 

An Interview

I recorded an interview with my friend Dan Schott, last week.  We talked about all sorts of things.  There’s one of the new projects for me to work on editing etc. After that, we set up and worked together on a new Startripper video for the song Black Blanket, which I feature on.  So Dan recorded some video footage for that too.  It’ll be interesting to see what he does with it.  So we both had a good evening collaborating and creating content for each other’s pet projects.   

New Podcast

Another item on my list of projects is my new podcast, which starts next week.  I’ve already recorded the first show.  It’s a corker!  I’ve gone with the name The Shem Sharples Music Explosion, which i think is better than the previous options I was considering. I have some great music to play for you and it should be a fun journey – and only takes about 40 mins to get there.  So let’s drink to that! The launch will be on Friday 14th June. I’ve created a page on here specially for the podcasts, so you’ll be able to listen here on the website.

Shem Sharples Music Explosion.  Projects on the go. Shem recording the show.
The Shem Sharples Music Explosion

Video Session

One of my biggest new projects is a new video session that Thor and myself did last week. We recorded footage to use for all 6 songs from Swings, Grins and Fairytales.  I really have a lot to do now with editing it all and creating 6 music videos!  It’ll take me a number of weeks to get them all done I reckon.  But I’ll just have to go at them one at a time, and work through them methodically.  Watch them unroll over the coming weeks and months.

Facebook Live

The next Shem Sharples Music Show is coming up on Facebook Live this Wednesday 12th June at 7-30pm.  We’ll do some of the newer songs as well as a couple of our more established ones.  You might even get to hear us play an old  song I wrote with Sean O’Halloran, from my Rev Rev days, that I re-worked last week….shhh…..we’ll see if we’re ready to play it yet by Wednesday. To watch our Facebook show visit our Shem Sharples Music page here

See you then

Ok that’s all we have for now.  My next blog post will be in 2 weeks on Friday 21st June.  See you then.

Don’t forget our new podcast will go live next Friday 14th June.  I’m really excited about that!  Hope to see you here next week for that!  Cheers!