Weekly Alternating

My blog has been going weekly every Friday for several weeks now. I’m enjoying it, but there is something else I want to do as well….. podcasting. Thing is, I don’t have time to do a weekly blog as well as a weekly podcast. So what I’m thinking is to do the blog on a fortnightly basis alternating with a fortnightly podcast.


I’ve been looking into using Mixcloud for the podcast. It will enable me to embed the show on my website, so will be easy to share. I think I need 2 weeks to set up my thing and record the first show.

The Format

A part of my record collection. A new podcast upcoming.
A part of my record collection

The format is as follows. I’m going to play records and cds, as well as have a little bit of chat (but not too much), and sometimes have the occasional guest onboard. I’ll be digging up some gold for you all from my large record collection. I’ll be thinking of all sorts of other ways to make things interesting too. I’ll keep it quite short (around 30 mins) to start with and see how it goes.

The Schedule

Blog  alternates with new Podcast upcoming Schedule
Blog alternates with Podcast – schedule for June

I’m going to schedule it like this; I’m going to keep my blog date for next Friday 7th June and then start the fortnightly blogs from then on. I’ll then post my first podcast on Friday 14th June, and then fortnightly after that. Then I’ll have something, either the blog or the podcast, alternating every week.

Names for the Podcast

I’ve been thinking about names for the podcast. My favourite 2 so far are;

  1. “Shem’s Ceiling Swirls” (I could use a pic of an array of vinyl 45s pinned to the ceiling)
  2. “Shem’s Fried 8” (Fri-date, if you see what I mean, and I could possibly play 8 records too)

Which would you choose? Or do you have any other, maybe better, ideas? All suggestions welcome. Please post in the comments.

Looking Forward

So there we have it. We have our regular blog post next Friday (7th June). Then our new podcast will launch on Friday 14th June. See you there. I’m really looking forward to that.