Our new mini-album, Swings, Grins & Fairytales, is coming out on all the main digital retailers and streaming services on Thursday 15th November.  There are 6 songs on it, which are –       1. Reaching Out.  2. Don’t Have Money For Pearls.  3. Someone’s Coming For You.  4. The House of Evergrin.  5. Upon the Willow.  6.  Swings, Grins & Fairytales.

I’m very pleased with this record.  I enjoyed working on it.  There will be a CD edition of the record  available via Bandcamp.  

I  would’ve liked to have a vinyl edition too, but funds are short at present.  I’m doing  a crowdfunding campaign next year, to fund my full-length album (due for release next September, hopefully).  If the funding is successful, I’ll do a vinyl run of Swings, Grins & Fairytales as well.

That’s the latest on the mini-album.  See you soon,