I wanted a break

I was a little quiet on social media last week.  This was because I wanted a break, with friends popping over from the USA.  So I put a lot of my work on hold.  It’s been a while since I had a break anyway, and I really needed it.  It also gave me a chance to reflect and think things through.  I’ve made some adjustments to my plans for the near future.  So I’ve come up with my big 4.   

Practice, practice, practice

The 1st main thing is to work on my songs and practice even more than I have been.  The music itself is the core element to everything, it underpins it all.  So I’ll spend more time every day to write new songs, and practice my singing and playing – and become a better musician in the process.  It’s always good to keep on improving, to learn new things, and to practice and master what you learn.  Onward and upwards.  I never want to stand still or become stagnant. My aim is to be the best version of myself I can possibly be; always getting better.

Shem Sharples.  Practice my songs,  One of my Big 4 things to focus on this summer.
Shem; practice, practice, practice

Finish the album

I still have to finish the album I’m working on. It’s well within the time frame I set for it. I can’t let my foot off the gas, though. I set myself a target of the end of June to finish recording all the instruments and vocals. And I’m easily on track for that. Then I’ll work on the mixing and mastering in July and August. I’m aiming to actually release the album in early 2020.

I posted about the new album back in March – read it here

Recording tablas on the new album.  Finish the album; One of my Big 4 things to focus on.
Recording tablas on new album

Sell my mother’s house

Now, here’s the 3rd thing.  I need to sell my mother’s house, which is a big thing that needs to get done too.  That’s something I’ll have to do alongside my music stuff, and it has to get done asap!  There’s still a lot to do.  But the sooner the better!

If I was to choose a big 3, I’d leave it there with those above. But I feel there’s a 4th thing that needs work too…….

Rework my website

The 4th thing is this: I’m going to rework my website over the coming months.  I’m going to build more content and think about the site navigation.  I feel that my personality doesn’t really show at the moment, and I’m looking to improve on that and make it all much more fun for everybody.  It’s been looking a bit dry for quite some time now and it needs a few upturns to its smiles and a brighter, fresher look and feel.  I’ll be gradually rolling that out in the course of time, so you’ll notice some differences happening bit by bit as we move on.

So there we have my big 4 areas to focus on for this summer. Everything else will have to fit around these 4 things.

Here’s looking up!