Phyllis Sharples, 1930-2018, Goodbye and hello.
Phyllis Sharples (1930-2018)

Mum died

It’s been a hell of a year so far. My dear old mum died, aged 88, in December last year. That felt like shit! She was a great soul, full of kindness, humour, and a generous spirit. I really miss her! I’m the executor of her estate and I’ve been busy sorting out all the various accounts and stuff. That as well as the probate process, which has been dragging on for ages. I’ve also had to go through all Mum’s possessions bit by bit and dispose of a mountain of stuff. It’s all taken a long time to get where I am at the moment. I still have plenty to do, but it’s getting there slowly…..yes very slowly!

Saying Goodbye

The house went on the market this week and that felt like a step in the right direction. I hope the sale goes ahead smoothly and in good time. It’s brought the whole thing closer to me now, as a sort of saying goodbye to my childhood home, and the place my Mum lived for the last 50 years of her life. A goodbye to the place where a huge cavern of memories reside, and from now will have to live on without the physical space to refer to – it’s all in the mind now, as everything truly is anyway!

And Hello

So it’s a goodbye to all that. Yes, goodbye, and hello to a world where I’m going to share my journey with you all, from now on. I’m putting this down as a statement of intent, and mean to go on carving out my own little corner of the world…..warts and all! A new resolve.

Let’s get real!

See you soon!