Hi there!

It’s a cold rainy day in March, and things are slowly taking shape.

We’re currently recording our next album. There will be 9 songs on the album, plus another 4 which we’ll release separately as an EP. We have some cracking songs on the record. Some highlights are Beneath the Copper Beech, A Form of Air, Daylight Tonight, and Strange Sounds From The Wreckage (possibly the title track)…. but don’t forget The Hopping List…..

Hopefully, the EP will be ready for later this year. The album will probably be ready for release early in 2020. It may be sooner, but I’m not going to rush it. I’m thinking of vinyl versions as well as CDs. It would be really nice to have a good old vinyl LP. Keep on cracklin’ !

I’m also considering vinyl versions of And The Train Rattled Along, and Swings, Grins & Fairytales. I’m hoping to get these together for Autumn this year. I’m also working on some T-shirt designs. I’m going to ask for feedback on those in due course.

I wrote some new songs recently, and I’ve been working on those with Thor. There are 6 newies so far, and more in the pipeline. We made some demo videos, some of which I shared on the Facebook page (Shem Sharples Music). We performed a couple on Facebook Live on 6th March too. They need some practice still, and I need to remember all the lyrics, so that I don’t have to read them as I’m playing. I’m looking at recording these for the album after next, so there’s still plenty of time yet.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested to know what’s been going on behind the scenes in the world of Shem Sharples.

Onwards and upwards…..