Art in Chester

The Grosvenor Museum’s 13th Open Art Exhibition in Chester opened this week.  It’s great to have an art exhibition at the museum, as I feel there are not enough art galleries in Chester.  We could do with a permanent public art gallery.  Recently, there was an exhibition of prints at the vacated old library building a couple of years ago, which was great.  We got to see some top pop art prints from a lot of artists I admire.  And there was also a great exhibition of modern sculpture, called The Ark, in Chester Cathedral.  These were heading in the right direction, but only temporary.  So I think we need a permanent home for great art in our city. 

The current exhibition

The current exhibition at the museum was open to anyone who cared to submit works back in April.  I submitted 2 myself, and yes they accepted one of them for the exhibition.  So I’m pleased about that, and it now hangs alongside around 200 other works in the first room on the right as you go into the museum.  There is a vast array of different styles and media on display, including paintings, sculpture, prints, collage, ceramics, drawing, and all manner of subjects.  About 496 works were submitted to the exhibition and, I think, 203 chosen.  The standard is very high and there’s something for everybody’s taste in there.

Abstract works

My painting is an abstraction, and I counted the abstract works and they make up around 10% of the work in there.  This isn’t enough for my taste, as an abstract artist, but it does show that most people prefer representational art.  Having said that, it is a great collection of work, and should be seen by anyone living in or around Chester, and anyone visiting the city.  So I heartily recommend it!

My painting, Earth Sea

My painting is called Earth Sea, and is number 76 on the far wall, in a high place.  Here’s a photo of it:

Earth Sea by Shem Sharples.  The earth moving like a stormy sea. Exhibition in Chester
‘Earth Sea’ by Shem Sharples (acrylic on canvas)

It represents a changing world, the ground moving like the sea.  There is a message in there somewhere, but I won’t explain it much, the viewer can make their own mind up what it’s all about.  The viewer’s interpretation is what matters in the end anyway.  We all have our own singular experience of any artwork, or anything else for that matter!

I talked a little bit about my work and my entries to this exhibition
in a previous post here

Karen Bate’s Bloomin’ Chester

My partner, Karen Bate also got an abstract collage of hers accepted, called Bloomin’ Chester.  Congratulations to her! Karen’s work is brill, and can be seen below mine and to the right in the corner in a white frame.

Exhibition details

So I recommend you all go and see the exhibition, there’s something for everyone.  It’s at the Grosvenor Museum from now until Wednesday 18th September 2019.  Monday to Saturday 10-30am to 5-00pm, and on Sundays from 1-00pm to 4-00pm. Their website is