We’ve just passed the half way mark of 2019.  We’re into the 3rd quarter now.  I’ve had to take it easy this week, in order to think about what I’m going to concentrate on this quarter. And make a plan.

Now then, in this post,  I have a brief new album progress report, as well as some live news/ dates for you.

New Album Progress

I’ve managed to get the recording of the new album done last week, it’s all in the can now, as they say.  I do still have to slot in some backing vocals from Thor, but all my parts are done.  I’m going to start mixing some tracks next week – exciting!…..well, for me it is.   So now, this quarter, I can concentrate on mixing and mastering it.

Album progress.  Shem & Thor exploding onto the scene. Psychedelic artwork.
Shem & Thor exploding onto the scene

I still have to do the sleeve artwork too.  That’s one project for the next month or so.  The album title is “Strange Sounds from the Wreckage,”  so it should inspire some ideas for art…….now, where’s my sketchbook?

Schott’s List Selections

I had a session with Dan Schott last Monday.  I produced his latest podcast, Schott’s List Selections #24, for him.  I enjoyed the evening and we chatted a bit about things while we worked.  I was impressed by some of the tracks Dan had put together for his new show.  It’s all local stuff too.  There’s a lot of great music coming out of Chester at the moment, it’s looking very healthy indeed.   You can listen to his podcast here.

Next Facebook Live

Now then, it’s our regular Facebook Live show this coming Wednesday (10th June).  We’ll be starting at 7-30pm sharp – British Summer Time.  I’ll try to do some new songs again this week, and do stuff we don’t usually do.  We need to try and keep it fresh for everyone, us included!  By the way, I’m going to remove a lot of the previous FB Live sessions from the page (Shem Sharples Music) over next week….make way for the new stuff!

Our next live gig in July

We have a gig coming up on the 20th July at the Llangollen Fringe Festival.  We’re playing at the Fringe Acoustica event.  It takes place at the RAFA club in Llangollen.  Tickets are available via our gigs page here, or by visiting the Fringe Acoustica web page here. It’s an all day event, and it’s £5.  If you want to see us, please get there early, as I think we’ll be on near the start of the event.  Hope to see you there!

So there we have a report on our new album progress, as well as some live dates for your diary. Ok that’s all I have for you right now.  See you again next time…