3 New Songs

I’ve written 3 new songs in the last couple of weeks. I’m quite pleased with them too. So I thought I’d share them with you here,

Only Ever Seen Through These Eyes

The first of them is “Only Ever Seen Through These Eyes”, which is in 3/4 time. I tried a few different arrangements before arriving at this one, which was both the simplest, and the best one after all!
Here’s a video demo I did earlier….

Dreams Are Meant For Sharing

The second song I wrote recently is called “Dreams Are Meant For Sharing”, which is also in 3/4 time. It seems to be a motivational message to follow your dream, whatever that is for you, and just make a start and get on with it. Here’s a demo video of that….

Slay The Dragon

The third song I wrote is called “Slay The Dragon”. This one’s in 4/4 time. I even got into a rap-style bit where I’m actually fighting to slay the dragon. Otherwise it’s quite a calm peaceful number. So here’s the demo vid I made for it….

More videos

There are more videos to see on my YouTube channel here – Please visit and subscribe to my channel, and also please like and share my videos while your there. It really helps me.

What do you think?

Okay, that’s all I have for you at the moment. I’ll be writing some more songs soon. Let me know what you think of these three in the comments below. Any thoughts or questions. All feedback is very valuable to me, and much appreciated. Thank you!