New Mini-Album Coming VERY SOON

Our new mini-album, Swings, Grins & Fairytales, is coming out on all the main digital retailers and streaming services on Thursday 15th November.  There are 6 songs on it, which are –       1. Reaching Out.  2. Don’t Have Money For Pearls.  3. Someone’s Coming For You.  4. The House of Evergrin.  5. Upon the Willow.  6.  Swings, Grins & Fairytales.

I’m very pleased with this record.  I enjoyed working on it.  There will be a CD edition of the record  available via Bandcamp.  

I  would’ve liked to have a vinyl edition too, but funds are short at present.  I’m doing  a crowdfunding campaign next year, to fund my full-length album (due for release next September, hopefully).  If the funding is successful, I’ll do a vinyl run of Swings, Grins & Fairytales as well.

That’s the latest on the mini-album.  See you soon,

Lyric Videos


Lyric Videos

I’m currently working on a series of lyric videos for a handful of songs from our album. The first one to come out will be Behind Every Face. I have already created the lyric cards for that song and have some video footage to work with. I am doing the editing this week.

I am also creating the lyric cards for the song, Sunrise, which will be next in the series. I’ll do the video next week. I aim to get one video done every week till I have them all done. I won’t do all the songs off the album, but a fair bunch of them.

See you next time,

have a good week!


Welcome to my New Website

Welcome to my new website, which was launched in September 2017. It’s still very basic at the mo’, but I’ll be adding more things to it in the weeks ahead. There are a few things on here already though.
Firstly, the release of the first Shem Sharples album, And The Train Rattled Along, which you can listen to a few times on the ‘Music’ page (see menu tabs above). We now have the cds themselves, as well as the download version. Both myself and Thor worked very hard on this album and we’re really pleased with how it turned out. Please put your ears round it and get a feel!
Also, we have put our live-in-the-studio video of The Burning Tree over on the ‘Videos’ page. Have a look, it’s fun!
Plus, our free mini-album, Sun Breaks Out, which is a set of live-in-the-studio demos, recorded in July and August this year. There are six songs on it in all, and five of them not on the album. The other one is Jackdaw Alien, which is a totally different version anyway. If you’d like to receive a free download of Sun Breaks Out, then please subscribe to our emailing list on the, you guessed it, ‘Subscribe’ page.
Enjoy it!
See you soon.