Welcome to the world of Shem Sharples, his music, art and writing.

Welcome to my website, which was launched in September 2017.
       The big news is the release of the first Shem Sharples album, And The Train Rattled Along, which you can listen to a few times on the ‘Music’ page (see menu on the left). It’s available on CD and download. Both myself and Thor worked very hard on this album and we’re really pleased with how it turned out. Please put your ears round it and get a feel!
      Also, we have put our live-in-the-studio video of The Burning Tree over on the ‘Videos’ page. Have a look, it’s fun!
      Plus, our free mini-album, Sun Breaks Out, which is a set of live-in-the-studio demos, recorded in July and August 2017. There are six songs on it in all, and five of them not on the album. The other one is Jackdaw Alien, which is a totally different version anyway. If you’d like to receive a free download of Sun Breaks Out, then please subscribe to our emailing list on, (yep!), the ‘Subscribe’ page.
Enjoy it!

See you soon.